its 10:30

feeling all tired and unhappy

all these thoughts in my head

in circles as i lay in my bed


but its early; only 10:30

and i discern just why so deeply

am i grieved or wounded

this hurts as if im beheaded


but when i grasp you

everything seems so right

no amount of wrongs can justify

that i want you more when i cry


and when youre there i seem to be brave

but weakens like im on my way to my grave

its 10:30; wheres my reality

i guess its timely


to finally set you free


today im free



i open my eyes and the day opens before me

as i stride my way down, my steep stairs will bear me

a cup of coffee; a headstart to my endeavors

a cup of happiness; i wont trade for anything else


and then i gaze by the window

whilst listening to an old playlist as time

or as my coffee kicks off my soul, a sequel of an early concert show

planner; the aid of my plans

i stare at it when its all blank and done


did my brows, blushed my cheek, plumed my lips

preparing for a date; a date with myself

going out alone is a journey for me

a voyage of liberty, time to reckon my self being

pastel seas


the saltness of the seas is pinching through my spirit

as the surge captures my heart,

parallel as to how you did mine

captured and clenched by the shore


the pink skies above me just when the sun fights against the dark

is how i try to fight back

just how i try to suppress my love

before the dusk turns in and devour me


and out of all the fishes of the deep

it’s still you who makes me whine and weep

that even if i cast a bait in the vast ocean

i’d still covet it’s you, i want it to be you